Songs by Arlen, Gershwin, A. Schwarts and Weill Carole Farley, soprano - John Constable, piano

Naxos American Classics 8 559314 (76' - DDD - T)

Singer and accompanist certainly know the full measure of these great songs

Carole Farley offers an unhackneyed selection of American popular song. In Arlen's case we have a group of songs that testify to his unique blend of the blues and the music of the synagogue. Farley relishes that vocal wail that Arlen builds into the opening line of "When the sun comes out", while her operatic experience makes "I had myself a true love" a natural choice.
Of the four composers represented, Arlen touches as most. Arthur Schwartz is the surprise runner-up. Farley projects the romantic notion of "waltzing in the wonder of why we're here" from the song "Dancing in the dark" with clear enunciation and a great sense of just where the song is going. The Gershwin songs are lighter, with several up-tempo numbers.

Adrian Edwards